Hometown Healthcare Clinic

Our Hometown Healthcare Clinic Is the last piece to our comprehensive care puzzle. Through our on-site medical staff, our healthcare clinic will serve as a centralized educational hub that will reach across the state in key areas of vulnerability, health equity disparities and statistical deficiencies.

Bridging the Gap with Hometown

Hometown Healthcare Clinic is simply an augmentation to existing provider/patient relationships and when a primary care provider is not established our clinical staff will initiate the primary care role within our clinic. Our clinical healthcare team addresses key areas of health equity disparities and statistical deficiencies that are currently lost to lack of follow-up due to regional social determinant barriers.

Specialty Healthcare

Our medical staff can augment patient care plans for referring specialty providers to support management of complex and rare conditions. Through our clinic we have the ability to do on-site and off-site drug administration, laboratory monitoring, first dose tolerance, education and comprehensive follow-up.

Healthcare That Cares About You

This practice model will establish comprehensive oversight to reduce healthcare spending, improve overall health outcomes, reduce morbidity and mortality all while educating and empowering the patient to become their own advocate.

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Healthcare Clinic Services

Our clinic enables us to provide on-site and off-site drug administration, laboratory monitoring, first dose tolerance, education, and comprehensive follow up. Hometown Healthcare Clinic staff will also work in collaboration with our patients’ established healthcare providers to coordinate the most effective approach to condition management.

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