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Our new, state-of-the-art Hometown Specialty Clinic is open and our available services are available!

Comprehensive integrated specialty healthcare

Specialty healthcare and prescription medications should be convenient and available to all patients needing these therapeutics. Our facilities dispense these medications in house or can ship to your home for convenience. Our clinical care model provides a convenient and private alternative to in-house injections of specialty drugs, including appropriate labs and augmentation of therapy in between established specialty care visits with the referring provider. Not local and still want to receive the same care from the comfort from your home? Our clinical team will be able to ship therapies and support you directly to ensure proper delivery and administration technique and follow up is achieved virtually.

Patients can receive exceptional treatment in our state of the art outpatient clinic to receive first dose teaching for self administered injectable medications, or you can receive specialty treatments in house in a private, comfortable suite closer to home.

Pharmacy Patient Handbook

Provider RefeRrals

If you would like to prescribe a specialty medication or have a referral for our clinical team, please us the button below.

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We support your specialty pharmacy needs

At Hometown Healthcare, we know how challenging it can be to live life with a complex condition. Our patients who depend on specialty medications deserve more than just a prescription and a pharmacist to fill it. We provide them with ongoing clinical support, education and counseling to help manage these conditions.

The Hometown Healthcare Difference

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Custom care

Our specialty healthcare team and pharmacists will work closely with your referring physician to help manage your conditions.

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Growing together

On site tolerance dose monitoring for new therapies

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Stay closer to home

On site labs and side effect monitoring

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Prioritizing you

Annual wellness visits and complex disease education and management

Partners In Care

Our highly trained clinical team will be standing by in our state-of-the-art patient suites to offer in-house care for injectables and comprehensive education for specialty disease states. This will help you get the care you need between your established specialty provider appointments for the necessary oversight to manage your conditions, all closer to home.

our process

Referral received from provider for speciality medication
RX sent to Hometown Pharmacy.


Prior Authorization Coordinator
Initiation and completion of Prior Authorization.


Patient Care Coordinator & Copay Assistance
Provides copay assistance and schedules clinic visit for teaching & FU.


Hometown Specialty Pharmacy fills/refills medication
Care coordinators set up delivery or schedule in house clinic visit for therapy distribution. Embedded clinical pharmacist and call center availability.


Hometown Healthcare Specialty Provider Team
Provides education, in-person medication teaching, clinical assessment, and a comprehensive care plan and FU.


Patient Management Program
Triage concerns and tolerability, refill reminder calls & care plan FU, WellTrack one data utilization for success & outcome tracking.


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Your Clinical Care Champions


Makes sure you know how your medication works
Walks you through how to take your medications

Reimbursement Specialist

Works with your insurance to guarantee coverage and copays are correct
Helps you understand insurance changes and solve insurance problems

Patient Care Coordinator

Schedules medication delivery times and locations that work for you
Helps find ways to lower the cost of your co-pays via financial assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Specialty Medication?

A specialty medication is a prescription drug that is either a self-administered (non-diabetic) injectable medication; a medication that requires special handling, special administration, or monitoring; or, is a high-cost oral medication.

Specialty medications are used to treat patients with complex and/or rare diseases; have special dosage, storage, handling, and administration requirements; and require high touch patient care and monitoring services

What type of services will Hometown Healthcare Specialty Pharmacy Provide?

Our award winning pharmacy staff have extensive clinical knowledge and are committed to providing superior care to our patients while offering a wide variety of services. Our clinical team is working towards extensive certification and accreditations to earn the highest certifications in specialty focus areas dermatology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, Multiple Sclerosis, fertility, and cardiology to name a few. These specialty areas focus on specialty medications and infusion services related to rare conditions such as cancer, blood disorders, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, skin disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, addiction, behavioral health disorders among others.

For your convenience, our specialty patient care coordinator will work with you to get your medication on time. The coordinator will remind you 4–10 days before each refill so you can choose a good time for your medication delivery. We will call you about a week before it’s time to refill your medicine. You may also request a new prescription or initiate a refill by calling the pharmacy 4–10 days before your refill is due and requesting your medication be refilled by providing your name, date of birth, refill prescription number and/or the name of the medication

How will I know if I can afford my medication?

Our pharmacy is contracted with all the main insurers and benefits vary from patient to patient according to their chosen prescription benefit plan. However, we know that many specialty medications and unique health problems can be expensive, and battling insurance claims should be low on your priority list - that is why we have a team of skilled patient care coordinators here to help assist you along the way. Additionally, we have our non profit foundational support through Hometown Connect, Inc. that ensures access to quality affordable healthcare is not an obstacle for anyone no matter your race, demographic, socioeconomic status, or gender. Our advocates have access to other patient assistance programs (PAPs) that can provide financial help for your medication. Additionally, we may also be able to provide educational information about your health condition and refer you to appropriate advocacy/support groups.

How will I receive my Medication?

Convenience and getting your medication on time are key. You may receive your medication by delivery to the address you designate for delivery, whether it be home or office, in unmarked and tamper-resistant packing for your privacy and safety. Medications requiring refrigeration arrive in a cold package and should be removed and stored in the refrigerator upon arrival. Additionally, we truly appreciate seeing our patients face-to-face. You are always welcome to pick up your prescription in person at the pharmacy. If you are local and would like one of our trained medical professionals to schedule in person training at our convenient location or even in your home we can schedule your injections, infusions, and follow up right inside our new state of the art Ambulatory Care Clinic. If your medication therapy requires routine blood work - we will take care of that in house and can follow up with your specialty medication provider on your progress with therapy. We realize that time and convenience with trusted well known pharmacy medication specialists is key to the success of your therapy and well being.

Are You a Provider?

Get additional health care provider details about our program including our compounding services and therapies on our Provider page.

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