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Paving the road to health and wellness isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Hometown Pharmacy equips you with all the tools you need to live a vibrant, rewarding life. Through our wide and diverse range of services, we hope to improve your physical, emotional, and aesthetic well-being— all from our one-stop-shop in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Miles apart from the big-name, chain pharmacy, we boast the same convenience factor with the personalization you expect when it comes to your individual health.

The Cure Lies in Our Services

Patient-forward and community-driven, Hometown Pharmacy upholds the idea of “home” with our Home Delivery service— we realize that making it to our location is not always a possibility. The Vaccinations we carry maintain the highest standard of preventative health care, and our Compliance Packaging and Custom Compounding ensure that your unique medication needs are met. Hometown Pharmacy also creates a partnership with your primary care provider through Collaborative Care, which grants you with access to extensive lab monitoring, hormone testing, and more, while our Med Therapy Management program gives you a say-so in your treatment options. And our Wellness Services, well, it’s like the bow that ties everything together perfectly!

Home Delivery

Free, fast, and customer-forward, our home delivery services are there for you when you need them most.

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Pharmacist organizing medicine pills into a blue compliance package

Compliance Packaging

The easy to use packaging helps you organize your medicine so you always feel comfortable that your loved one is taking their medications properly, the right dose at the right time.


No longer worry about the hassle of multiple trips to the pharmacy, through our synchronization services, get all your medicine at the same time, one time a month.

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Custom Compounding

Medicine should have a personalized approach, and that’s what Custom Compounding aims to achieve. This approach allows customized dosing, delivery, and provides medications not always available commercially.

Collaborative Care

We partner with your primary care provider to better manage your health needs. At Hometown Pharmacy we offer extensive lab monitoring, hormone testing, and more. Just stop and ask how we can serve you.

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Point of Care

Stop in to get tested for common illnesses and leave with your medicine. Whether it is strep throat, the flu, or a urinary tract infection, we have you covered.


Just like nutrition and exercise, vaccinations are a preventative care solution for patients of all ages.

We do not require an appointment to receive a vaccination.

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Med Transfers Made Simple

Whether you’re looking to temporarily or permanently transfer your medications, we have your back.